You will find here in my shop two radically different kinds of dolls.

 I have been making waldorf inspired dolls since 2013. They are a style of doll that is made using wool, and covered in tricot jersey dollskin. Their heads and faces are sculpted using traditional methods that takes hours to create, and each doll ends up appearing unique and one of a kind. Their hair is made either by looping yarn through a crochet cap, or using wefting. They are quite heavy and solid due to the amount of wool that goes into each one. Each doll takes over 20 hours to produce, and each one ends up with its own individual clothing, style, personality, and story! While these dolls can be played with, recommended for 5 and up, they are often times finding their way into the arms of adult collectors.

Wild Ginger Blossoms are my new rag style dolls. They are slender, made from linen blend, and also stuffed with wool. Their hair is made from handspun yarn and is sewn directly onto their head, and their faces are hand embroidered and rosy cheeks made from wool felt. Their arms are attached with a button, and so I do not recommend these for babies or young children who mouth their toys. Blossoms are simpler in form, in bright and cheerful colours, and are meant for children ages 3 and up. They need to be played with gently, as all hand made dolls do, but they make perfect friends for little hands.

Both styles of my Wild Ginger Dolls are made using primarily natural materials: wool stuffing, cotton, linen, wool, wooden and glass buttons etc. I believe in minimizing plastics and non-biodegradable substances, and I choose to use as little polyester as possible. My materials are selected based on their feel and quality. I like to touch all my fibres before purchasing them, making sure that they are soft and luxurious, and with an eye for quality and care. I purchase many of my materials locally, primarily in the northwest of North America, when I can. I like to support other local craftsman like myself, people with passion, vision, skill and knowledge. So many of my yarns are handspun, and my wool stuffing is from western canadian companies.

WASHING INSTRUCTIONS: Washing my dolls and accessories is simple:

-spot wash when needed, with a teensy bit of soap and water and a soft cloth

-if more in depth washing is needed, soak the doll in warm slightly soapy water, and squeeze dry gently in a towel, letting air dry in a warm place