My name is Karen. I live on the wild and wet Vancouver Island of beautiful British Columbia, Canada. I am a full time doll maker and avid entrepreneur, with a passion for biology, fiction, history, walks in nature, and mountain biking. I have three lovely children, an unique and wonderful husband, and a hairy sweet dog with a tongue like an aardvark!

I began sewing when my first daughter was born in 2004. My mom had bought me a machine and I began sewing dresses for my daughter, quilts for my friends, and thai pants for my husband! Soon after my second child was born I began sewing rag quilts to help put some food on our table while I was homeschooling, selling them for a number of years on Etsy. I loved seeing the piles of squares waiting for me to sew, which I did every chance I could get. When our third child was born in 2012 I began making my first waldorf dolls. You will find the occasional doll pop up here in this shop, as I love making them. They are labour intensive, challenging, and very detailed: my heart and soul goes into each one. Very soon my children will be in school and I will be sewing full time. So the notion of rag quilted "Wild Ginger Blossom" dolls has emerged. I wanted a doll to make that was bright and colourful and fun, something that gives me a bit more artistic freeway. And something I could make armloads of, and send out into the world like confetti!